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People from all walks of life are migrating to the urban lofts, condos, and historic homes in Downtown Cleveland.

Take Melissa Zujkowski. She admits having an almost evangelical zeal about living downtown. On summer breaks from college and law school, she worked downtown and commuted from her parents’ home in Aurora.  That hour-plus she spent in the car each way was wasted time and opportunity –  she knew could be meeting friends for drinks, networking at a work-related event, or working out at the gym.

So after finishing law school she and her husband moved to a two-bedroom, two-bath condo in the Sincere Building in the Gateway neighborhood, a three-minute walk from her office.

The proximity of work and home pays off in many ways for Melissa. Her office is business casual, but if she gets a last-minute lunch with a potential client, she can run home and change into something dressier. She attends more after-work business functions than she would if she had to drive to the suburbs afterward. She can dash home on her lunch hour and walk her two Jack Russell terriers. She estimates she drives her car once a month.

Melissa says there is one big difference living in the city: She eats out much more than she would if she lived in the suburbs. Almost every day, there’s something going on after work, either a professional event or just getting together with friends at Flannery’s Pub. That free time, she said, is the time she gains by not having to commute.

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